Laser Screed

Laser Screed Services

Our Somero S-22E is one of the most technologically advanced laser screed models available. This model offers 360 degree machine rotation, a 20 foot boom reach, 14’ screed head width, and a single touch stabilizer control. This results in 280 square feet of consolidated, laser level concrete in less than one minute.

CJT also has the Somero S-840 laser screed. This is a smaller version of the S-22E and can be used during particularly tight pours. The S-840 model can also be utilized on elevated slabs/decks, and can screed up to 5,000 square feet on average per hour.

With the use of a laser screed, CJT is able to provide our customers with increased productivity along with improved quality. Laser screeding is essential for meeting customers demands for increased floor flatness and levelness requirements.